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What are the methods of Source Criticism and how did this lead to the basis for the multiple authorship of the Pentateuch?

There are essentially 3 steps to Source Criticism:

1. Break up the text. Source critical analysis begins with analysis of the fragments. Each critic looks for a break, inconsistency, or discontinuity in the text.

step by step, verse by verse, line by line

2. Reconstruct the sources. Fragments are grouped according to similarities such as style, vocabulary, theme, and chronological framework.

3. Date the sources. Relative dating among sources and absolute dating based on info within the source.

In breaking up and reconstructing the Pentateuch, critics found:

1. Variations in the use of divine names in Genesis

2. Variations in diction and style

3. Parallel or duplicate accounts (doublets)

4. Evidence of post-Mosaic authorship: discrepancies and anachronisms

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