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The Solution

What is the solution to the apparent "dilemma" presented by Socrates' question? It is important to realize that the question assumes a distorted biblical view of God.

Did you solve Eutyphro's dilemma?

First, there is an objective and absolute moral standard,

which denies the first option’s suggestion that moral ethics are capricious and discretionary whims of God.

Second, this objective and absolute moral standard is rooted and embedded internally in God,

which denies the second option’s suggestion that the moral standard is external to and higher than God.

Morality is based on God’s character and nature. The moral standard is neither above God nor merely willed by Him. With morality grounded in His holy and immutable character, the moral standard is fixed, absolute, and timeless.

If Gods says something is good, then it is good because it is intrinsically good.

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