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Evolutionary Theories

For the Evolutionary Ethics to be acceptable for valid theory, it must answer two essential questions:

1) how does man distinguish between good and evil, and

Charles Darwin: morality evolved! Natural selection of groups and consequences determine morality.

2) why should man be good?

Herbert Spencer: morality evolved through social evolution! Only the fittest society and their cultural values survive.

The proposals from evolutionary ethicists fall into 4 groups:

1. Human Evolution: natural selection of
human behavior.

2. Social Evolution: evolution of society and its values.

Sociobiology: morality evolved through chromosomal evolution! Ethics is all genetic.

3. Sociobiology: evolution of the biological basis for ethics and social behavior

Meme Theory: morality evolved through cultural evolution! I chose the memes that will influence my morality.

4. Meme Theory: evolution of culture.

Adapted from Evolutionary Ethics by Doris Schroeder Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Series: Where did we get morality from?
Evolutionary Ethics

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