Naturalism's Challenge

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While the traditional theories of Evolutionary Ethics has been largely discarded, the evolutionary basis of morality is still being developed along the lines of Sociobiology and Meme Theory.

Recognizing the challenges to the validity of their work, evolution theorists have embarked on combining complementary aspects of both theories.

However, both Sociobiology and Meme Theory have significant problems.

The convergence of Sociobiology and Meme Theory

In any event, evolutionary ethics will continue in its attempts to establish the premise that morality could be understood as a result of evolution and definitely not the result of divine revelation.

And the challenge remains:

1) how does man distinguish between good and evil, and

2) why should man be good?

Why be moral?

Series: Why be Moral?
The Fallacies

Series: Why be Moral?
Questions of Normative Ethics

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