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Is morality derived from atomic and magnetic forces?

Why is the existence of God necessary for morality?

Just as a computer cannot be programmed by chance, a human body, made up of atoms and subject to heredity, environment, and undesigned random chance, is nothing more than atoms and unintelligible.

Is morality from entropy or organization?

Judgments of any type would have to be the result of non-rational forces not logical reasons.

Thus, without the existence of God, mankind would not be able to recognize and understand moral terms.

Is morality the result of consciousness and reason?

But because morality is based in God's character and nature, and man is a creation of God's, mankind recognizes and understands moral terms such as good and evil.

For the non-Christian, the existence of morality reveals the existence of God.

For Christians, the existence of morality confirms the existence of God.

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Series: Why be Moral?
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