The Law of Moses

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Through the Law of Moses (i.e. Ten Commandments, etc.), God taught Moses and the nation of Israel what sin was.

The Law of Moses

Included in the Law, God taught how to reconcile both intentional (i.e. Lev 1:1-17) and unintentional sins (Lev 4:1-35).

The atonement of Jesus Christ reflects the prescribed method of appeasing God and provides a deeper understanding of Jesus' last words. Without appreciating the complex nature of atonement, one will not recognize the true nature and beauty of God's grace.

Even so, many questions are still debated today such as:

Did Jesus die to bear the sin of the world or to set an example for human beings to follow?

Was the sacrifice of Jesus substitutionary or representative?

Did Jesus die for only a few or did He die for all of mankind?

One approach to understanding the many dimensions of atonement is through the concept of redemption...

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